China Glaze –The Glam Finale Nail Polish Collection 2017

You are cordially invited to delight in The Glam Finale Collection 2017 by China Glaze. ‘Tis the season to attire yourself in elegant winter ball gowns and breathtaking nails. Sway through music-filled colour, warming delights, and whirl the night away, glittering with the stars, basking in China Glaze’s new winter collection. This is the seasons most essential collection with a polish for every occasion, from Christmas discos to luxurious winter dances, dress up parties and new year celebrations. Instead of feeling cold and blue, China Glaze have created a pallete of ruby reds and refreshing pine greens with sparkling champagne glitters and disco diva purples. Indulge in the luxury of the holidays and dance the night away.

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